Thursday, November 1, 2012

As I Go... NaNoWriMo 2012

The evening darkened room, cluttered with old furniture piled high was too much for Raina. She couldn't believe the lengths her coworkers were going to scare her on Halloween. She heard them in the breakroom whispering when they thought she was elsewhere, but keeping their voices down, just in case. She heard them plotting ways to scare her. If they only knew what she did.

Raina knew there were far more frightening things than human contrived holidays, that now consisted of children running amuck at night, dressed as creatures of legend, and begging for candy.

Where were the good old days she wondered. The days when people would actually cause chaos and the like if you didn't give them a treat. And the treats weren't always candy...

Now Raina looked up at the well made poultergeist sprawled and strung up above her. Its mouth agape, long fangs showing in an open mouth grimace. At least they made the poultergeist look close to the real thing, but the vampires, werewolf and even mummy decoratoins were far from acurate, and Raina would know.

She stepped her short booted leg over the fake dead body gored with oozing ketchup blood and walked on towards the exit. Her co-workers would be disappointed in her nonchalance, but it was good for them to know a woman wouldn't be scared by such tactics. The scariest thing in that house was the real spiders in the far reaches of the ceiling. Raina didn't hate spiders, but she wasn't fond of them crawling in her hair either. That was one way her enemies had tortured her before. There's nothing like dozens of spiders burrowing in your scalp trying to escape.

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